Basic Fitness facts a Woman must Know!

It’s never too late to Start your Fitness Journey!

Age is just a number when it comes to Fitness, irrespective of what age group you are in you can always start your fitness journey to and get benefited in exponential ways. 

Yes, Women are different from Men, For sure when it comes to Fitness!

Does not matter how much couples love to engage together in their fitness journey, the fact remains that replicating the regime may not be the best way to make this journey fruitful. Men generally have less body fat which makes it easy for them to burn more calories with similar exercise levels. A perfect blend of Cardio and weight training can help in burning more calories during workout sessions.

Any movement is better than doing nothing for a fitness journey!

When it comes to fitness, anything is better than nothing. Multiple movements across the day are helpful in utilizing amounts of calories be it getting up while talking over the call or taking stairs at your office anything and everything counts.

Time is the Key here!

Developing any fitness regime can be difficult at the beginning and takes consistent persistence. It can take upto 12 weeks for one to start noticing the changes however its almost immediate to feel vitality with new healthy habits.

Weights can be your fitness Friend!

Shying away from Gyms may not be the best options when it comes to addressing the Complete body components. A blend of aerobic exercise that includes the movement of large muscle groups by weight lifting and some stretching workout can make your journey easy.