Great Health Habits – Give a Jump-Start to your Life this 2020!

Getting along with Healthy lifestyle is a conscious Choice that one has to make, though it may sound like too much work but trust me it’s NOT. Our Life is a cluster of choices we make overtime that ultimately keep us on our decided path or we landup drifting away to No Man’s Land. Instilling & Sticking to these Healthy Habits in your life can give you an unparalleled advantage overtime and give you Jump-Start this year and in years to come.

The Most Powerful Quote for Life – Life is Simple You Make Choices and You Don’t Look Back!!!

*** JumpStart You Mind *** 

Be Mindful 

Choosing healthy habits that give a jump-start in your life is a conscious decision, from inception we are programmed to behave and act basis the environment we grow in which ultimately guide us in choosing one thing over Others. Thanks to these unconscious habits we may land up choosing a piece of Cake over a healthy Sandwich which we know for sure is a much better choice.

I am not asking you to give away your favourite piece of cake, I am just saying that being Mindful can be helpful in cultivating the Habits that are sustainable & long lasting.

Take Control Over your Nerve

The first fact to realize is that Nothing is going to change until you stop getting upset over things. Realizing that it takes time to learn health habits and unlearn the one you lived so far will bring you back in the right mindset.

Understanding that developing health Habits is like a Marathon and not like a sprint will bring your nerves back in your control.

Remember you all set for success the day you decide the Right Path!

Staying Positive

Yesterday is gone. Don’t start your day by thinking of what happened or what didn’t. Think of how you can make the most of today. Clearing your mind off negative thoughts gives you room to think about the more important matters. Sulking over the bygones will not change anything but only give you stress and disturb your Mental & Physical health.

Think what you can add rather than focusing your energy on things that you have to let go

An easy trick to keep yourself motivated for your health journey is to create option for yourself and think about what you can add rather than focusing things that you shall have to let go, thinking out what all things that you shall have to let go will simply put you to more stressful situation rather than keeping you on course with you fitness goals.

*** JumpStart You Day ***

Start your day with Water 

Drinking water right at your wakeup time brings multifold advantages for your body, starting right from replenishing your dehydrated body to activating your brain to kickstarting your metabolism system. Water indeed is a true energiser for our body though we tend to ignore this fact. You can always get to know more about how water can help in you in keeping fit from below link.

Refer – Water, The most underrated body Energizer!

Use Brushing your Teeths to kick start your Brain

Sounds unbelievable, Just by switching the hand with which you brush your teeths everydays can literally give your brain a kickstart. Let me try to explain here being a right handed guy right from starting my mind does not need special instruction and brushing as a activity does not really need the presence of my Conscious mind, brushing my teeths with my left hand stimulates the untouched areas of my brian which forces it to get started and ignite the engine.

*** JumpStart Your Health*** 

Take a Walk

Walking can be a good starting point, keeping yourself engaged in walking can be relaxing as well as a good way for breaking that inertia, though you may not be able to see much changes in terms of weight reduction however i personally feel it is a good way of getting engaged in something physical which gradually can be shifted to more intense physical activity life Cardio, Cycling or weight lifting etc.  

Further, It is a proven fact that walking after meals aids digestion. It also helps with blood sugar and reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases and diabetes.

Skipping breakfast, The Biggest Sin, 

Breakfast is considered the most important meal of the day for a reason. It puts your metabolism on the right track and eating well will do just that. Have a simple breakfast of fruit and cereal if you don’t have time to fix yourself an elaborate meal. A good breakfast will fuel you up and keep you energetic all day. One of the most healthy habits to adopt is to stop skipping breakfast.

Use your surrounding a gym equipment to start physically active

Sticking to some small habits of choosing stairs at the workplace and other physical exercise at home like gardening etc. can be helpful in burning some additional calories without putting much of an effort, the trick here can be to identify things that you like and sticking to it.

Correct your posture

I still remember my mom telling me to sit straight or maintain a good posture while studying and doing various other stuff around the clock. Maintaining good posture can prevent aches and can also reduce unnecessary stress on your ligaments. Not just that, but good posture prevents backache, fatigue and muscle pains.

Sleeping Enough

Do you sleep a solid seven or eight hours most nights? Many of us don’t but experts say this is a marker of good heart health. Solid sleep doesn’t just give you more energy, it can also help with healthy eating goals. When you’re short on sleep, it reduces your body’s production of hormones that suppress appetite, which can contribute to weight gain. You may have a higher risk of heart disease, obesity and high blood pressure if you suffer from untreated insomnia.

Weigh yourself every week

The Best part about weight gain is that it happens overtime and I mean in a very long period of time, a day distracted from your healthy eating habits can not put you far away from your health goal, a Simple way for not drifting away from your targets can be by simply setting up yourself for a weekly weight check program on same day and time.

You can further team up with your doctor or dietitian to create meal plans so you can reach your weight loss goals faster and in the healthiest way possible.

Include greens and lettuce in your meals

A Simple Incorporate lettuce into your meals to add nutrients and water to your diet. The fiber in lettuce helps to fill you up and it does so at just 20 calories per serving. Lettuces that are dark green and reddish in color are the most nutritious and the most flavorful. But even the popular, pale iceberg lettuce provides water, fiber and folate.

Find creative substitutions for unhealthy foods

Work to eliminate foods and snacks that you buy regularly that are high in calories but low on their health benefit. Eat them less often as an occasional treat. Try using low-fat dairy, whole grains, healthy oils like avocado and olive oil and natural sweeteners like fruit instead of high fat or sugar alternatives.

Building new healthy habits can take some time and it’s OK to treat yourself to avoid feeling deprived. Just Remember, staying focused is the key to achieving your goals and if you drift away or slip along the way, Just Start Again.