Starting with your Fitness Journey

Starting at anything new can get tough at times, it’s all better to give yourself some preparation time to set you into the right mind frame and trigger a successful journey. Here are some tips that can give a perfect start to your fitness Journey… 

Know you WHY – identifying WHY you are starting can hook you up for success, a reason (your WHY) can help your being on track even when the journey seems to be endless without much of a success as each day passes by. Starting & Sticking to your fitness regime can get rough at starting as the odds are high be it getting used to a new schedule or switching to healthy eating habits and it generally takes time for results to surface up.

A strong enough reason can really be saviour when it comes to keeping you on track with your goals.

Start Small – It’s those small yet consistent habits and practices that matters more, Starting small is much better than not starting at all.

It’s more likely that you will stick to a schedule which can easily be accommodated in your daily schedule then setting up yourself for big goals that may demand too much of your time and effort. I have always found this approach to be more helpful as I can ease myself into my fitness journey rather than jumping off the cliff at once, afterall being kind to yourself is more important than being dreadful. 

It all comes down to building long term Habits – Like any other journey starting up takes a little effort, it takes small yet persistent efforts towards health Habits building that pays off in the long run, picking up health habits along the way can make your journey much more comfortable. I find swimming & taking a walk in nature as a great way to not just keep me stress free but also helps in burning some of those extra calories.

Move away junk from your home – Easier said than done, moving away the junk food from home tends to get tricky sometimes since it comes with a lot less effort at least that’s how it has been projected like, by this multi million fast food industry. 

Being mindful and picky at the shopping store can make your life less complicated, lesser access to these unhealthy options can be helpful in keeping you on your fitness journey.

Stock up and Give yourself options – I make my journey easy by giving options to myself, stocking up on healthy food can be a small yet powerful secret for your success in this venture as it gets easy to switch to less desirable (or i should say mostly unhealthy) options when you are running short on time and energy. 

Keep plenty of healthy options at your disposal to eliminate such changes. For me I tend to buy a variety of fruits and stock up on Chicken which I prepare on weekends and keep it available for myself for multiple days.

Find your Fitness Buddy / Join a group Activity – It is more likely that you will do an activity when you are committed to someone than when you are not, getting a Fitness buddy is a great way of following your fitness schedule be it your Walking, Gyming or Cycling. Much of studies show that we as Humans are more likely to execute any activity when we are obligated to someone.

Finding a Fitness buddy or joining a Group can give you an add on reason to stay focused and committed with your fitness journey!

Plan your Workout & Eating Schedule – Sticking to a schedule is only possible when you have one, It’s more likely to skip your Gym workouts when they are not planned.

For me I like to stick to an early morning gym schedule that sets me in the right spirit for the rest of the day and by giving enough time to myself, this also heI am able to manage my meals in a well organized and planned way. 

Higher a Trainer and get committed financially – Getting yourself hooked to a trainer where you have to make financial commitment can help you stay on track, this creates a perfect environment for you to stay focused and there is someone to watch your back and give you a great start.

Happy Fitness to you!!!