The importance of Sleep for your Fitness Journey!

We live in a world where More than 35 percent of people are sleep deprived, simply put 1 in 3 people aren’t getting enough sleep on a regular basis as per the “Centers for Disease Control and Prevention”,

Getting along with our busy schedules, without realizing adversities it has on FITNESS is a common trait for most of us. Doesn’t matter if you are working or going to school or just have hectic routines, I am sure we all can relate. Above all we have heavenly stimulants like Coffee, Tea and other Energy drinks that can keep us awake for long enough.

Sleep is the Ultimate Nirvana for the Body, an underrated however medically proven fact. Healthy Sleep Schedule is foremost for your Fitness Journey and keeps you on track to succeed in this game.

Studies show that we operate best with a minimum 7 to 9 hours of scheduled sleep time. But Why ???

  • Keeps you Active – Keeping up with an Active Lifestyle requires a healthy sleep pattern, Sound & enough sleep makes you more active and keeps you on your pursuit of Active & Fitness lifestyle.
  • Building the Right Mindset and getting less distracted – Getting Health is all about building the right mindset and getting committed to health. A sleep deprived mind is always prone to distractions, for your mind to operate at its best and make conscious & health decisions throughout your fitness journey it’s essential for you to give it enough sleep. Have you noticed that most of your cravings hit you during those late hours when you are lowest on energy.
  • Improvs Performance – The Less distracted you are the better you will perform, I always find putting more effort in my fitness schedule when i am keeping up with my sleep well. Sleep is like the Secret ingredient for Fitness Recipe & a healthy regime.
  • Nutrition Time / Hard to Follow the Diet – In Fitness it all boils down to Diet and Diet Schedules, the more focused you are with your training & diet schedules, the better the chances are of you getting results in your fitness journey. By keeping up with a well planned sleep schedule, you can ensure that your day is planned and so is your Nutrition Time.
  • Digestive System – Health of your digestive system will determine your success rate, this is the Core Machine that gives you energy that you need to operate at optimal. Eating healthy and scheduled meals will help in boosting the metabolism rate and will improve processing of your food intake. A well followed Health & diet schedule shall ensure that you body gets in the rhythm and progressively gets closer to its best operating levels
  • Recovery – Sleep enhances muscle recovery through protein synthesis and human growth hormone release. By sleeping for 7-9 hours daily, you can ensure to change body composition, increase muscle mass and be ready for your training session the next day. 

Burn fat while sleeping – If you’re not sleeping both from a quality and a quantity standpoint you will Gain weight, Our bodies burn the most calories during REM (rapid eye movement) sleep its at this stage our body tends to burn the most calories in because that’s when we burn the most glucose” and “when our brains are the most active.