The Simple Math of your Weight Loss Journey!

If you have been on the weight loss journey before you know that it gets difficult to keep a watch on the Calories that continuously go in your body which ultimately will push you  either toward your weight loss goal or away from it. Understanding the math behind these numbers that can fuel your progress is important for your progress and can really give a positive push that you are looking for!

Here are some Maths that can simplify your weightloss journey!

What are Calories?

Though there is a scientific explanation to the word “Calories” however we shall stick to the language that makes more sense for someone like me and you!

Simply put Calories are the units of Energy that your body generates as a result of processing the food that you feed to your body so food that we eat decides how many calories will be generated as a result of burning that food by the body.

Why do you need to keep a count of Calories?

Basis our Daily routines, age, sex and other countless factors our body decides how many calories are required for it for fuction properly, though that may sound difficult to understand however there are simple ways to make more sense out of them, a small table below will help you understand your required calories intake:

Now since we know how many calories are required, we have to be more watchful on how many calories we are consuming in a day to push toward the target we are heading towards.

Your body functions more like a balloon than a bucket!

Remember that the first time you filled a balloon with water, I am sure you were surprised to see that the balloon can practically hold more water than it looks like it could. Our body functions in somewhat similar fashion, simple yet more complicated than a balloon. Our body tends to hold additional calories that are fed to it over prolonged time and starts storing it as unused fat which inturn is the factor for you to put on those additional pounds!

Simply put, you can regulate your weight by making simple choices of what to or not to eat, foods that generate less calories shall be more desirable for your weight loss journey!

Your Friends of this Weight loss Journey

In life, you can always have a list of friends however you may land up choosing one over others on various occasions because of your natural inclination, similarly a fit body has its desire for calories intake from certain food than the others:

An apt mix of Proteins, Carbs & Fats for generating energy shall keep your body fueled, a simple hack can be being little conscious while ordering and choosing what to eat can really put you back on track.

Choosing a Protein Rich diet over Carbs & Fat can always be a better option.

Just remember, your weight loss journey is all about making those small insignificant changes over time to have a long term habit building & impact on fitness.

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